Integrated approach to gas-dynamic designing of supersonic air intakes of aircraft

    Aleksey Kornev Affiliation
    ; Sergii Stetsenko Affiliation
    ; Victor Yatsenko Affiliation
    ; Anatoliy Smolyakov Affiliation
    ; Dmytro Kalinichenko Affiliation


The analytical and experimental studies of the aircraft’s supersonic air intakes have been carried out. An integrated approach to the gas-dynamic designing of aircraft’s supersonic air intakes that eliminates the scale effect problem of a wind tunnel with a small-sized testing area is proposed. The designing approach accelerates the development process and reduces the resource intensity due to the rational distribution of tasks between numerical and physical experiments. The results of the unique tests of the scaled ramjet’s air intake physical model in the supersonic wind tunnel are presented.

Keyword : integrated approach, supersonic air intake, scale effect, similarity criteria, numerical experiment, physical experiment

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Kornev, A., Stetsenko, S., Yatsenko, V., Smolyakov, A. and Kalinichenko, D. 2021. Integrated approach to gas-dynamic designing of supersonic air intakes of aircraft. Aviation. 25, 1 (Mar. 2021), 1-9. DOI:
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Mar 1, 2021
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