Vol 20 No 2 (2016)

Published: 2016-06-13


Price discovery and volatility transmission in Australian REIT cash and futures markets

Ming-Te Lee, Shew-Huei Kuo, Ming-Long Lee, Chyi Lin Lee
Abstract 363 | PDF Downloads 269 | DOI

Page 113-129

Real estate market risk in bank stock returns: evidence for 15 European countries

António Miguel Martins, Ana Paula Serra, Francisco Vitorino Martins
Abstract 412 | PDF Downloads 331 | DOI

Page 142-155

Marginal prices of improvements made to blocks of flats: empirical evidence from Romania

Adela Deaconu, Dorina Lazar, Anuta Buiga, Gheorghe Fatacean
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 238 | DOI

Page 156-171

The impact of internationalization and diversification on construction industry performance

Isabel M. Horta, Magdalena Kapelko, Alfons Oude Lansink, Ana S. Camanho
Abstract 521 | PDF Downloads 672 | DOI

Page 172-183

Assessing the disability inclusiveness of university buildings in Hong Kong

Wai Kin Lau, Daniel Chi Wing Ho, Yung Yau
Abstract 487 | PDF Downloads 500 | DOI

Page 184-197

Evaluation of light supply in the public underground safe spaces by using of COPRAS-SWARA methods

Jalal Nakhaei, Shahin Lale Arefi, Mahdi Bitarafan, Simona Kildienė
Abstract 336 | PDF Downloads 263 | DOI

Page 198-206

Facilities management outsourcing: theoretical trends and evidence from practice in Nigeria and United Kingdom

Dubem I. Ikediashi, Isaac A. Odesola
Abstract 421 | PDF Downloads 573 | DOI

Page 207-219