Vol 19 No 3 (2015)

Published: 2015-10-09


Income approach and property market cycle

Maurizio D’amato
Abstract 402 | PDF Downloads 404 | DOI

Page 207-219

Momentum and mean reversion in regional housing markets: evidence from variance ratio tests

Elias Oikarinen, Felix Schindler
Abstract 302 | PDF Downloads 285 | DOI

Page 220-234

Identifying key determinants of housing sales and time-on-the-market (TOM) using fuzzy cognitive mapping

Fernando A. F. Ferreira , Marjan S. Jalali
Abstract 338 | PDF Downloads 251 | DOI

Page 235-244

How Australian construction contractors responded to the economic downturn

Jian Zuo, George Zillante, Bo Xia, Albert Chan, Zhenyu Zhao
Abstract 413 | PDF Downloads 1037

Page 245-259

Does EVA truly reflect the performance of property companies in China?

Eddie C. M. Hui, Yunzhi Orange Gao, Ka Kwan Kevin Chan
Abstract 405 | PDF Downloads 371 | DOI

Page 260-270

A multi-criteria framework for office tenants' preferences at office buildings

Yasmin Mohd Adnan, Md Nasir Daud, Muhammad Najib Mohamed Razali
Abstract 340 | PDF Downloads 444 | DOI

Page 271-282

Company's performance self-assessment (CoPSA) among facilities outsourcing firms in malaysia: a focus on service delivery

Abdul Hamid Mar Iman, Muhammad Umbugala Douglas, Hishamuddin Mohd Ali
Abstract 289 | PDF Downloads 212 | DOI

Page 283-296

Subjectively and objectively integrated assessment of the quality indices of the suburban residential environment

Dovilė Lazauskaitė, Marija Burinskienė, Valentinas Podvezko
Abstract 303 | PDF Downloads 195 | DOI

Page 297-308