Vol 18 No 4 (2017)

Published: 2017-08-27


Scaled and stable mean-variance-EVaR portfolio selection strategy with proportional transaction costs

Ebenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills, Bo Yu, Jie Yu
Abstract 359 | PDF Downloads 425 | DOI

Page 561-584

Trust as a booster

Jon Reiersen
Abstract 437 | PDF Downloads 225 | DOI

Page 585-598

New group decision-making ARCAS approach based on the integration of the SWARA and the ARAS methods adapted for negotiations

Dragisa Stanujkic, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Darjan Karabasevic, Zenonas Turskis, Violeta Keršulienė
Abstract 426 | PDF Downloads 375 | DOI

Page 599-618

Predicting customer lifetime value for hypermarket private label products

Hsin-Hui Lin, Hsien-Ta Li, Yi-Shun Wang, Timmy H. Tseng, Ya-Ling Kao, Min-Yi Wu
Abstract 488 | PDF Downloads 552 | DOI

Page 619-635

Factors affecting personal customers’ trust in traditional banking: case of the Baltics

Viktorija Skvarciany, Daiva Jurevičienė
Abstract 520 | PDF Downloads 734 | DOI

Page 636–649

Collateral requirements for SME loans: empirical evidence from the Visegrad countries

Ashiqur Rahman, Jaroslav Belas, Tomas Kliestik, Ladislav Tyll
Abstract 806 | PDF Downloads 590 | DOI

Page 650–675

Non-equidistant “Basic Form”-focused Grey Verhulst Models (NBFGVMs) for ill-structured socio-economic forecasting problems

Mohammad Hashem-Nazari, Akbar Esfahanipour, S.M.T. Fatemi Ghomi
Abstract 303 | PDF Downloads 263 SM Downloads 96 | DOI

Page 676-694

Operational shipping intelligence through distributed cloud computing

Dragos Sebastian Cristea, Liliana Mihaela Moga, Mihaela Neculita, Olegas Prentkovskis, Khalil Md Nor, Abbas Mardani
Abstract 443 | PDF Downloads 616 | DOI

Page 695-725

HFMADM method based on nondimensionalization and its application in the evaluation of inclusive growth

Xiaodi Liu, Zengwen Wang, Antoinette Hetzler
Abstract 357 | PDF Downloads 260 | DOI

Page 726-744

Fiscal decentralization and economic growth in selected European countries

Neringa Slavinskaitė
Abstract 449 | PDF Downloads 923 | DOI

Page 745-757

Explicating the role of trust in knowledge sharing: a structural equation model test

Rasa Smaliukienė, Svajonė Bekešienė, Eugenijus Chlivickas, Marius Magyla
Abstract 493 | PDF Downloads 953 | DOI

Page 758-778

Trend analysis of global stock market linkage based on a dynamic conditional correlation network

Kedong Yin, Zhe Liu, Peide Liu
Abstract 482 | PDF Downloads 661 | DOI

Page 779-800


Effect of supply chain structure and power dynamics on R&D and market performances

Seung Ho Yoo, Yong Won Sea
Abstract 305 | PDF Downloads 212 | DOI

Page 801