Vol 15 No 4 (2014)

Published: 2014-10-01


Assessment of process management maturity in developing countries based on SAW method

Marija Radosavljevic
Abstract 352 | PDF Downloads 342 | DOI

Page 599-614

Beyond CAPM: an innovative factor model to optimize the risk and return trade-off

Shima Lashgari, Jurgita Antuchevičienė, Alireza Delavari, Omid Kheirkhah
Abstract 375 | PDF Downloads 244 | DOI

Page 615-630

Supplier selection using a hybrid model for 3C industry

Kwo-Liang Chen, Ching-Chiang Yeh, Jo-Chen Huang
Abstract 364 | PDF Downloads 227 | DOI

Page 631-645

Dependence of sustainability on country risk indicators in EU Baltic Sea region countries

Jelena Stankevičienė, Tatjana Sviderskė, Algita Miečinskienė
Abstract 348 | PDF Downloads 217 | DOI

Page 646-663

Demand uncertainty, inventory and business cycles

Kenichi Tamegawa
Abstract 373 | PDF Downloads 190 | DOI

Page 664-683

Evaluation of the 3rd pillar pension funds in Lithuania

Daiva Jurevičienė, Marina Volkova
Abstract 351 | PDF Downloads 230 | DOI

Page 684-707

How to create indices for bank branch financial performance measurement using MCDA techniques: an illustrative example

Fernando A. F. Ferreira, Sérgio P. Santos, Paulo M. M. Santos, Ronald W. Spahr
Abstract 423 | PDF Downloads 198 | DOI

Page 708-728

Using QSPM and WASPAS methods for determining outsourcing strategies

Shima Lashgari, Jurgita Antuchevičienė
Abstract 441 | PDF Downloads 404 | DOI

Page 729-743

Intertemporal portfolio allocation and hedging demand: an application to South Africa

Esti Van Wyk De Vries, Rangan Gupta, Reneé Van Eyden
Abstract 331 | PDF Downloads 399 | DOI

Page 744-775

Financial structure gap and economic development in India

Pradeepta Sethi, Brajesh Kumar
Abstract 406 | PDF Downloads 205 | DOI

Page 776-794