Vol 25 No 8 (2019)

Published: 2019-09-16


System dynamics modeling for construction management research: critical review and future trends

Mingqiang Liu, Yun Le, Yi Hu, Bo Xia, Martin Skitmore, Xianyi Gao
Abstract 2073 | PDF Downloads 1078 | DOI

Page 730-741


The compactness indicators of solids applied to analysis of geometric efficiency of buildings

Edwin Koźniewski, Antonina Żaba, Piotr Dudzik
Abstract 640 | PDF Downloads 354 | DOI

Page 742-756

Study on risk control of water inrush in tunnel construction period considering uncertainty

Zhu Wen, Yuanpu Xia, Yuguo Ji, Yiming Liu, Ziming Xiong, Hao Lu
Abstract 634 | PDF Downloads 392 | DOI

Page 757-772

Predictive model to the bond strength of FRP-to-concrete under direct pullout using gene expression programming

Yasmin Murad, Ahmed Ashteyat, Rozan Hunaifat
Abstract 746 | PDF Downloads 471 | DOI

Page 773-784

Research on management and application of tunnel engineering based on BIM technology

ZhanPing Song, GuiLin Shi, JunBao Wang, HaiMin Wei, Tao Wang, GuanNan Zhou
Abstract 2524 | PDF Downloads 822 | DOI

Page 785-797

Optimization methods of the pavement management system of Budapest

Kornel Almassy, Gábor Pusztai, László Gáspár, János Lógó
Abstract 604 | PDF Downloads 374 | DOI

Page 798-804

Analysis of the global and local imperfection of structural members and frames

Charlotte Mercier, Abdelouahab Khelil, Ali Khamisi, Firas Al Mahmoud, Rémi Boissiere, Alain Pamies
Abstract 523 | PDF Downloads 754 | DOI

Page 805-818

Characterizations on fracture process zone of plain concrete

Yuxiang Tang, Hongniao Chen
Abstract 724 | PDF Downloads 447 | DOI

Page 819-830

Review on green building rating tools worldwide: recommendations for Australia

I. M. Chethana S. Illankoon, Vivian W. Y. Tam, Khoa N. Le, Cuong N. N. Tran, Mingxue Ma
Abstract 1209 | PDF Downloads 868 | DOI

Page 831-847

A grey combined compromise solution (CoCoSo-G) method for supplier selection in construction management

Morteza Yazdani, Zhi Wen, Huchang Liao, Audrius Banaitis, Zenonas Turskis
Abstract 959 | PDF Downloads 502 | DOI

Page 858-874