Vol 22 No 5 (2016)

Published: 2016-05-17


Numerical analysis of corrugated steel plate bridge with reinforced concrete relieving slab

Damian Beben, Adam Stryczek
Abstract 429 | PDF Downloads 309 | DOI

Page 585-596

Considering the benefits of asphalt modification using a new technical life cycle assessment framework

Ali Azhar Butt, Björn Birgisson, Niki Kringos
Abstract 320 | PDF Downloads 241 | DOI

Page 597-607

Developing as-built BIM model process management system for general contractors: A case study

Yu-Cheng Lin, Hsin-Yun Lee, I-Tung Yang
Abstract 5429 | PDF Downloads 1774 | DOI

Page 608-621

Flexural ductility of lightweight-aggregate concrete beams

Luís F. A. Bernardo, Miguel C. S. Nepomuceno, Hugo A. S. Pinto
Abstract 292 | PDF Downloads 187 | DOI

Page 622-633

Design of PC beam-column joint applied X-braced bars in the segmented structural system

Sijun Kim, Seongsoo Lee, Homin Chun, Kappyo Hong
Abstract 281 | PDF Downloads 182 | DOI

Page 634-644

Bi-layer diaphragm walls: structural and sectional analysis

Luis Segura-Castillo, Antonio Aguado, Albert De La Fuente Antequera, Alejandro Josa
Abstract 289 | PDF Downloads 327 | DOI

Page 645-654

Optimal outcome sharing with a consortium of contractors

S. Mahdi Hosseinian, David G. Carmichael
Abstract 333 | PDF Downloads 163 | DOI

Page 655-665

Conversion factors of the temperature effect on the shear strength of adhesively-bonded steel joints

Hartmut Pasternak, Samer Sahellie
Abstract 301 | PDF Downloads 177 | DOI

Page 666-672

Internal and external risk based assesment and evaluation for the large infrastructure projects

Ivana Burcar Dunovic, Mladen Radujkovic, Mladen Vukomanovic
Abstract 637 | PDF Downloads 782 | DOI

Page 673-682

Investigation on fracture of epoxy-filled composites by acoustic emission

Aleksandr K. Arnautov, Oskars Bikovens, Viktor Gribniak, Aleksejs Nasibullins, Ilmars Blumbergs, Maris Hauka
Abstract 295 | PDF Downloads 171 | DOI

Page 683-689

Influence of the pile stiffness on the ground slab behaviour

Kęstutis Urbonas, Danutė Sližytė, Rimantas Mackevičius
Abstract 271 | PDF Downloads 569 | DOI

Page 690-698

Determination and evaluation of railway aggregate sub-ballast gradation and other properties variation

Deividas Navikas, Matas Bulevičius, Henrikas Sivilevičius
Abstract 397 | PDF Downloads 634 | DOI

Page 699-710

Page 711-720