Vol 22 No 6 (2016)

Published: 2016-06-08


Use of bending tests and visual inspection for multi-scale experimental evaluation of chestnut timber beams stiffness

Hélder S. Sousa, Jorge M. Branco, Paulo B. Lourenço
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 178 | DOI

Page 728-738

An analysis of the performance of deconstructed tires for use as pads in railroad tracks

Miguel Sol-Sánchez, Fernando Moreno-Navarro, Maria Carmen Rubio-Gámez
Abstract 262 | PDF Downloads 252 | DOI

Page 739-746

Socio-eco-efficiency analysis of highways: a data envelopment analysis

Omer Tatari, Gokhan Egilmez, Dhruva Kurmapu
Abstract 330 | PDF Downloads 307 | DOI

Page 747-757

Risk identification and allocation in underground rail construction joint ventures: contractors’ perspective

Bon-Gang Hwang, Xianbo Zhao, Gwendolyn Shiyu Yu
Abstract 544 | PDF Downloads 662 | DOI

Page 758-767

Analysis of the degradation condition of secondary schools. Case study: pavilions and prefabricated buildings

Joana Barrelas, Jorge De Brito, João Ramôa Correia
Abstract 336 | PDF Downloads 204 | DOI

Page 768-779

Ant colony optimization (ACO) in scheduling overlapping architectural design activities

Chen Wang, Hamzah Abdul-Rahman, Wei See Ch’ng
Abstract 297 | PDF Downloads 369 | DOI

Page 780-791

A quasi real-time approach to investigating the damage and fracture process in plain concrete by X-ray tomography

Qin Yuan, Chai Junrui, Ding Weihua, Dang Faning, Lei Man, Xu Zengguang
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 166 | DOI

Page 792-799

Integrating safety culture into OSH risk mitigation: a pilot study on the electrical safety

Dong Zhao, Andrew Mccoy, Brian Kleiner, Yingbin Feng
Abstract 588 | PDF Downloads 403 | DOI

Page 800-807

Experimental study of the influence of adhesive properties and bond length on the bond behaviour of NSM FRP bars in concrete

Lluís Torres, Ibrahim Attia Sharaky, Cristina Barris, Marta Baena
Abstract 346 | PDF Downloads 230 | DOI

Page 808-817

Investigation of technological trends in shading devices through patent analysis

Yeng-Horng Pering, Yu-Yin Huang
Abstract 316 | PDF Downloads 274 | DOI

Page 818-830

Model for rapid assessment of vulnerability of office buildings to blast using SWARA and SMART methods (a case study of swiss re tower)

Jalal Nakhaei, Mahdi Bitarafan, Shahin Lale Arefi, Oleg Kapliński
Abstract 337 | PDF Downloads 301 | DOI

Page 831-843

An advanced multi-criteria evaluation model of the rational building energy performance

Darius Migilinskas, Evaldas Balionis, Rasa Dziugaite-Tumeniene, Giedrius Siupsinskas
Abstract 479 | PDF Downloads 249 | DOI

Page 844-851