Vol 22 No 7 (2016)

Published: 2016-07-12


Maximizing the value of residential projects using fuzzy rule based linear programming

Alp Ustundag, Emre Cevikcan
Abstract 292 | PDF Downloads 656 | DOI

Page 853-861

Evaluating motivation of construction workers: a comparison of fuzzy rule-based model with the traditional expectancy theory

Muluken Yeheyis, Bahareh Reza, Kasun Hewage, Janaka Y. Ruwanpura, Rehan Sadiq
Abstract 824 | PDF Downloads 1154 | DOI

Page 862-873

Study on correlation between fire fighting time and fire loss in urban building based on statistical data

Deyong Wang, Lu Lu, Jiping Zhu, Jiajie Yao, Yunlong Wang, Guangxuan Liao
Abstract 315 | PDF Downloads 242 | DOI

Page 874-881

Linear and nonlinear fractional hereditary constitutive laws of asphalt mixtures

Gaetano Di Mino, Gordon Airey, Mario Di Paola, Francesco Paolo Pinnola, Giacomo D’Angelo, Davide Lo Presti
Abstract 464 | PDF Downloads 245 | DOI

Page 882-889

Establishing engineering S-curves to evaluate supervision engineer allocations for highway construction projects

Shih-Hsu Wang, Wei-Chih Wang, Pei-Yuan Hsu, Ci-Hao Chen, Kun-Chi Wang
Abstract 393 | PDF Downloads 353 | DOI

Page 890-902

Developing construction defect management system using BIM technology in quality inspection

Yu-Cheng Lin, Jun-Xiong Chang, Yu-Chih Su
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Page 903-914

Page 915-923

Fuzzy method for analysing uncertainty in the sustainable design of concrete structures

Alfredo del Caño, M. Pilar de la Cruz, Diego Gómez, Miguel Pérez
Abstract 349 | PDF Downloads 253 | DOI

Page 924-935

Information platform to improve technological innovation capabilities: role of cloud platform

Li-Ren Yang, Chung-Fah Huang
Abstract 322 | PDF Downloads 242 | DOI

Page 936-943

Time reduction effect of the enhanced TACT method for high-rise residential buildings

Donghoon Lee, Dong-Sub Kim, Gwang-Hee Kim, Sunkuk Kim
Abstract 316 | PDF Downloads 276 | DOI

Page 944-953

Government motivation-embedded return guarantee for urban infrastructure projects based on real options

Qingpeng Man, Chengshuang Sun, Yuesheng Fei, Martin Skitmore, Yong Bai, Weizhuo Lu
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 223 | DOI

Page 954-966

Proposing a neural network model to predict time and cost claims in construction projects

Vahidreza Yousefi, Siamak Haji Yakhchali, Mostafa Khanzadi, Ehsan Mehrabanfar, Jonas Šaparauskas
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Page 967-978



Jalal Nakhaei, Mahdi Bitarafan, Shahin Lale Arefi, Oleg Kapliński
Abstract 251 | PDF Downloads 142 | DOI

Page 979