Vol 21 No 4 (2015)

Published: 2015-03-30


Difficulty and reasons for sustainable roadway design – the case from Taiwan

Andrew S. Chang, Calista Y. Tsai
Abstract 271 | PDF Downloads 185 | DOI

Page 395-406

Stochastic quality-cost optimization system hybridizing multi-objective genetic algorithm and quality function deployment

Tae-Kyung Lim, Won-Suk Jang, Jae-Ho Choi, Dong-Eun Lee
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 201 | DOI

Page 407-422

Page 423-443

Making formwork construction lean

Chien-Ho Ko, Jiun-De Kuo
Abstract 557 | PDF Downloads 784 | DOI

Page 444-458

A global relation of fire smoke re-circulation behaviour in urban street canyons

Longhua Hu, Xiaochun Zhang, Wei Zhu, Zhi Ning, Fei Tang
Abstract 469 | PDF Downloads 171 | DOI

Page 459-469

Embeddedness and collaborative venture networks among Korean construction firms for overseas construction projects

JeongWook Son, Seung Heon Han, Eddy M. Rojas
Abstract 312 | PDF Downloads 241 | DOI

Page 478-491

Chloride penetration resistance of concrete sealer and coating systems

Khaled A. Soudki, Md. Safiuddin, Paul Jeffs, Gary Macdonald, Marcos Kroker
Abstract 278 | PDF Downloads 179 | DOI

Page 492-502

Probabilistic finite element stiffness of a laterally loaded monopile based on an improved asymptotic sampling method

Mohammad Javad Vahdatirad, Mehdi Bayat, Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen, Lars Bo Ibsen
Abstract 323 | PDF Downloads 176 | DOI

Page 503-513

A study of the fire smoke propagation in subway station under the effect of piston wind

Wei Zhong, Rui Tu, Jian Peng Yang, Tian Shui Liang
Abstract 307 | PDF Downloads 370 | DOI

Page 514-523

Accident risk identification and its impact analyses for strategic construction safety management

Seokho Chi, Sangwon Han, Dae Young Kim, Yoonjung Shin
Abstract 657 | PDF Downloads 488 | DOI

Page 524-538