Vol 21 No 1 (2015)

Published: 2014-12-23


Stress failure of cement concretes under compression – synthesis of knowledge, conclusions

Tomasz Gorzelanczyk, Jerzy Hoła
Abstract 237 | PDF Downloads 150 | DOI

Page 1-10

Research on the electrical capacitance and electrical conductivity of char resulting from natural and treated wood

Romualdas Mačiulaitis, Andrejus Jefimovas, Donatas Lipinskas
Abstract 276 | PDF Downloads 198 | DOI

Page 11-20

On the solution of energy balance equation system to predict temperature distribution in the building elements with ventilated air gap

Edmundas Monstvilas, Karolis Banionis, Jurga Poderytė, Raimondas Bliūdžius, Arūnas Burlingis
Abstract 239 | PDF Downloads 153 | DOI

Page 21-30

The next-generation constitutive correlations for simulation of cyclic stress-strain behaviour of sand

Habib Shahnazari, Yasser Dehnavi, Amir H. Alavi
Abstract 258 | PDF Downloads 156 | DOI

Page 31-44

Perceptions of automated data collection technology use in the construction industry

Javad Majrouhi Sardroud
Abstract 388 | PDF Downloads 388 | DOI

Page 54-66

Predicting telecommunication tower costs using fuzzy subtractive clustering

Mohamed Marzouk, Mohamed Alaraby
Abstract 305 | PDF Downloads 222 | DOI

Page 67-74

Estimating a unit price for roads maintenance activities using exponential robust regression

Cristóbal Moena, Alfredo Serpell
Abstract 247 | PDF Downloads 150 | DOI

Page 75-82

Influence of interfacial transition zone on engineering properties of the concrete manufactured with recycled ceramic aggregate

César Medina, Wenzhong Zhu, Torsten Howind, María Isabel Sánchez de Rojas, Moisés Frías
Abstract 342 | PDF Downloads 277 | DOI

Page 83-93

Alignment of project management with business strategy in construction: evidence from the Turkish contractors

Cenk Budayan, Irem Dikmen, M. Talat Birgonul
Abstract 505 | PDF Downloads 434 | DOI

Page 94-106

Application of project-based change management in construction: a case study

Chun-Sung Chen, Yu-Kun Tsui, Ren-Jye Dzeng, Wei-Chih Wang
Abstract 492 | PDF Downloads 452 | DOI

Page 107-118

Variability of HMA characteristics and its influence on pay adjustment

Filippo Giammaria Praticò, Antonio Casciano
Abstract 253 | PDF Downloads 184 | DOI

Page 119-130


Laboratory investigation into the effects of fibers on bituminous mixtures

Emanuele Toraldo, Edoardo Mariani, Sara Malvicini
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 210 | DOI

Page 45-53