Vol 25 No 2 (2019)

Published: 2019-02-08


A bibliometric data analysis of multi-criteria decision making methods in heritage buildings

Žydrūnė Morkūnaitė, Darius Kalibatas, Diana Kalibatienė
Abstract 1406 | PDF Downloads 834 | DOI

Page 76-99


A decision support model for civil engineering projects based on multi-criteria and various data

Usama H. Issa, Yehia H. Miky, Fam F. Abdel-Malak
Abstract 775 | PDF Downloads 470 | DOI

Page 100-113

Page 114-131

Three-dimensional consolidation theory of vertical drain based on continuous drainage boundary

Yi Zhang, Wenbing Wu, Guoxiong Mei, Longchen Duan
Abstract 521 | PDF Downloads 539 | DOI

Page 145-155

Understanding critical variables contributing to competitive advantages of international high-speed railway contractors

Yanliang Niu, Xiaopeng Deng, Limao Zhang, Xiaochen Duan
Abstract 1160 | PDF Downloads 475 | DOI

Page 184-202