Vol 11 No 2 (2005)

Published: 2005-06-30


Page 85-90

Page 91-97

Sensitivity analysis of the effect of initial imperfections on the (i) ultimate load and (ii) fatigue behaviour of steel plate girders

Zdenek Kala, Jirí Kala, Miroslav Škaloud, Bretislav Teplý
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Page 99-107

Evaluation of concrete resistance to chloride ions penetration by means of electric resistivity monitoring

Marta Kosior‐Kazberuk, Walery Jezierski
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Page 109-114

Experimental and numerical analysis of flexural composite beams with partial use of high strength/high performance concrete

Andrzej Lapko, Barbara Sadowska‐Buraczewska, Andrzej Tomaszewicz
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Page 115-120

Experimental results of fatigue and sustained load tests on autoclaved aerated concrete

Erich Raue, Enrico Tartsch
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Page 121-127

Vibration attenuation at asymmetric cross‐form joints of buildings

Vytautas J. Stauskis, Marius Mickaitis
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Page 129-135

Page 137-144

Deformational analysis of prestressed high‐strength concrete members using flexural constitutive model

Renata Zamblauskaitė, Gintaris Kaklauskas, Darius Bačinskas
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Page 145-151

Design and installation peculiarities of monolithic concrete floor

Vigantas Žiogas, Svajūnas Juočiūnas
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Page 153-162