Vol 25 No 4 (2019)

Published: 2019-04-02


Quantile-oriented global sensitivity analysis of design resistance

Zdeněk Kala
Abstract 1660 | PDF Downloads 1326 | DOI

Page 297-305

Sorting subcontractors’ activities in construction projects with a novel Additive-veto sorting approach

Rachel Perez Palha, Adiel Teixeira De Almeida, Danielle Costa Morais, Keith W. Hipel
Abstract 697 | PDF Downloads 394 | DOI

Page 306-321

Multi-objective symbiotic organisms optimization for making time-cost tradeoffs in repetitive project scheduling problem

Duc-Hoc Tran, Jui-Sheng Chou, Duc-Long Luong
Abstract 933 | PDF Downloads 440 | DOI

Page 322-339

The influence of fine fractions content in non-cohesive soils on their compactibility and the CBR value

Aleksandra Bąk, Ryszard Chmielewski
Abstract 634 | PDF Downloads 308 | DOI

Page 353-361

Reliability model and critical factors identification of construction safety management based on system thinking

Wei Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Xiaowei Luo, Tingsheng Zhao
Abstract 1008 | PDF Downloads 506 | DOI

Page 362-379

Page 380-398