Vol 6 No 4 (2014): Environmental protection engineering / Aplinkos apsaugos inžinerija

Published: 2014-10-24


Experimental research into the two-level cylindrical cyclone with a different number of channels

Egidijus Baliukas, Pranas Baltrėnas
Abstract 280 | PDF Downloads 166 | DOI

Page 347-355

Research and evaluation of kart noise spread into the living environment

Giedrius Juozaponis, Raimondas Grubliauskas
Abstract 315 | PDF Downloads 220 | DOI

Page 356-361

Changes in the concentration of heavy metals (Cr, Cd, Ni) during the vermicomposting process of sewage sludge

Aušra Zigmontienė, Indrė Liberytė
Abstract 294 | PDF Downloads 232 | DOI

Page 362-367

Biodegradation of cattle horn shavings in soil and its effect on the agrochemical properties of soil

Edita Mažuolytė-Miškinė, Ilona Grigalavičienė, Violeta Gražulevičienė
Abstract 286 | PDF Downloads 172 | DOI

Page 368-372

Experimental research on the removal of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia from biogas using zeolite charges

Kristina Stomaitė, Alvydas Zagorskis
Abstract 281 | PDF Downloads 572 | DOI

Page 379-385

Chloride concentration in the soil polluted with bishophit used in winter and its effect on herbaceous plants

Asta Strėlkutė, Jolita Bradulienė
Abstract 303 | PDF Downloads 435 | DOI

Page 386-391

Influence of meteorological conditions on changes in the volume of the pine stem at the end of vegetation using high resolution dendrometers

Marija Tamkevičiūtė, Julius Taminskas, Virmantas Šmatas, Rūtilė Pukienė
Abstract 283 | PDF Downloads 200 | DOI

Page 392-399

Research on toxicity evaluation of waste incineration residues of printed circuit boards

Rasa Volungevičienė, Violeta Bolutienė, Kęstutis Buinevičius
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 235 | DOI

Page 400-406

Insulation expedience of the external envelopes of the building in terms of 2E criteria

Mantas Kijevičius, Kęstutis Valančius
Abstract 280 | PDF Downloads 227 | DOI

Page 407-413

Analysis of energy demand for low-energy multi-dwelling buildings of different configuration

Giedrė Streckienė, Elena Polonis
Abstract 301 | PDF Downloads 181 | DOI

Page 414-420

The analysis of the influence of sustainalbity criteria on the evaluation of building renovation

Rūta Mikučionienė, Artur Rogoža, Vytautas Martinaitis
Abstract 295 | PDF Downloads 188 | DOI

Page 421-426

Experimental study on energy efficiency of a small adsorption cooling device producing up to 8 kW

Juozas Bielskus, Giedrius Šiupšinskas, Kęstutis Čiuprinskas
Abstract 282 | PDF Downloads 248 | DOI

Page 427-431

The impact of the supplied airflow rate on the effectiveness of the solar wall

Violeta Misevičiūtė, Lukas Rudzinskas
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 151 | DOI

Page 432-437

The impact of the solar wall on the external envelope

Violeta Motuzienė
Abstract 276 | PDF Downloads 144 | DOI

Page 438-443

Water loss in small settlements

Mindaugas Rimeika, Anželika Jurkienė
Abstract 275 | PDF Downloads 325 | DOI

Page 444-450

Experimental research on removing suspended solids and ammonium ions from sludge liquor

Kasparas Gražinskas, Aušra Mažeikienė, Marina Valentukevičienė
Abstract 280 | PDF Downloads 259 | DOI

Page 451-455

The development of the model for the park and ride system in the major lithuanian cities

Vytautas Palevičius, Dovilė Lazauskaitė
Abstract 283 | PDF Downloads 177 | DOI

Page 456-460