Vol 25 No 3 (2020)

Published: 2020-05-13


Surface wave scattering by an elastic plate submerged in water with uneven bottom

Souvik Kundu, Rupanwita Gayen
Abstract 988 | PDF Downloads 668 | DOI

Page 323-337

Regularity results for a quasilinear free boundary problem

Samia Challal, Abdeslem Lyaghfouri
Abstract 778 | PDF Downloads 480 | DOI

Page 338-350

Constant sign and nodal solutions for nonlinear Robin equations with locally defined source term

Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou, Calogero Vetro, Francesca Vetro
Abstract 757 | PDF Downloads 395 | DOI

Page 374-390

Page 391-408

Sharper existence and uniqueness results for solutions to third-order boundary value problems

Saleh S. Almuthaybiri, Christopher C. Tisdell
Abstract 932 | PDF Downloads 485 | DOI

Page 409-420

Discrete modified projection methods for Urysohn integral equations with Green’s function type kernels

Rekha P. Kulkarni, Gobinda Rakshit
Abstract 770 | PDF Downloads 415 | DOI

Page 421-440

Two-storage fuzzy inventory model with time dependent demand and holding cost under acceptable delay in payment

Boina Anil Kumar, Susanta Kumar Paikray, Umakanta Mishra
Abstract 540 | PDF Downloads 392 | DOI

Page 441-460

Ferrofluid flow in magnetic field above stretching sheet with suction and injection

Gabriella Bognár, Krisztián Hriczó
Abstract 521 | PDF Downloads 428 | DOI

Page 461-472

Mathematical analysis of synthetic measures based on radar charts

Boleslaw Borkowski, Artur Wiliński, Wieslaw Szczesny, Zbigniew Binderman
Abstract 475 | PDF Downloads 353 | DOI

Page 473-489

Analytical modelling of perforated geometrical domains by the R-functions

Yuriy Semerich
Abstract 487 | PDF Downloads 365 | DOI

Page 490-504