Vol 21 No 4 (2016)

Published: 2016-06-23


Convergence Order of the Reproducing Kernel Method for Solving Boundary Value Problems

Zhihong Zhao, Yingzhen Lin, Jing Niu
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 184 | DOI

Page 466-477

Parallel Extragradient-Proximal Methods for Split Equilibrium Problems

Dang Van Hieu
Abstract 321 | PDF Downloads 185 | DOI

Page 478-501

An Ostrowski Type Inequality for Twice Differentiable Mappings and Applications

Samet Erden, Huseyin Budak, Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya
Abstract 286 | PDF Downloads 163 | DOI

Page 522-532

A Mathematical Study on the System of Partial Differential Equations Describing Reverse-Flow Reactor

Ratno Bagus Edy Wibowo, Takashi Suzuki, Ryo Takahashi
Abstract 297 | PDF Downloads 180 | DOI

Page 550-568

A Main Class of Integral Inequalities with Applications

Mohammad Masjed-Jamei, Edward Omey, Sever S. Dragomir
Abstract 249 | PDF Downloads 148 | DOI

Page 569-584

Review Papers

Special Splines of Exponential Type for the Solutions of Mass Transfer Problems in Multilayer Domains

Andris Buikis, Harijs Kalis, Ilmars Kangro
Abstract 257 | PDF Downloads 149 | DOI

Page 450-465