Vol 21 No 6 (2016)

Published: 2016-11-17


Deviation of the Error Estimation for Second Order Fredholm-Volterra Integro Differential Equations

Reza Parvaz, Mohammad Zarebnia, Amir Saboor Bagherzadeh
Abstract 267 | PDF Downloads 172 | DOI

Page 719-740

Dynamic Analysis for Bertrand Competition Model with Exponential Form∗

Huili Ma, Hui Feng
Abstract 320 | PDF Downloads 184 | DOI

Page 741-751

A Joint Elliott Type Theorem for Twists of L-Functions of Elliptic Curves

Virginija Garbaliauskienė, Antanas Laurinčikas
Abstract 270 | PDF Downloads 138 | DOI

Page 752-761

Growth of a Gas Bubble in a Steady Diffusion Field in a Tissue Undergoing Decompression

Selim A. Mohammadein, Khaled G. Mohamed
Abstract 246 | PDF Downloads 213 | DOI

Page 762-773

An Extension of the Product Integration Method to L1 with Applications in Astrophysics

Laurence Grammont, Mario Ahues, Hanane Kaboul
Abstract 267 | PDF Downloads 157 | DOI

Page 774-793

Mathematical Phase Model of Neural Populations Interaction in Modulation of REM/NREM Sleep

Paolo Acquistapace, Anna P. Candeloro, Vladimir Georgiev, Maria L. Manca
Abstract 262 | PDF Downloads 210 | DOI

Page 794-810

Fuzzy-Prešic-Ciric Operators and Applications to Certain Nonlinear Differential Equations

Satish Shukla, Dhananjay Gopal, Rosana Rodrıguez-Lopez
Abstract 270 | PDF Downloads 175 | DOI

Page 811-835

Integral Error Representation of Hermite Interpolating Polynomial and Related Inequalities for Quadrature Formulae

Gorana Aras-Gazic, Josip Pečaric, Ana Vukelic
Abstract 266 | PDF Downloads 216 | DOI

Page 836-851

Page 852-868