Vol 32 No 2 (2017)

Published: 2017-05-30

Original Article

The sensor location problem: methodological approach and application

Evangelos Mitsakis, Evangelia Chrysohoou, Josep M. S. Grau, Panagiotis Iordanopoulos, Georgia Aifadopoulou
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Page 113–119

Multi-objective optimisation model of shuttle-based storage and retrieval system

Matej Borovinšek, Banu Y. Ekren, Aurelija Burinskienė, Tone Lerher
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Page 120–137

Experimental relationships between operating speeds of successive road design elements in two-lane rural highways

Laura Eboli, Giuseppe Guido, Gabriella Mazzulla, Giuseppe Pungillo
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Page 138–145

Dynamic queuing transmission model for dynamic network loading

Nevena Raovic, Otto A. Nielsen, Carlo G. Prato
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Page 146–159

Cluster approach in organization of transportation in the Baltic Sea Region

Olga Nežerenko, Ott Koppel, Tarmo Tuisk
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Page 167–179

Transport project evaluation: feasibility risk assessment and scenario forecasting

Kim B. Salling, Steen Leleur
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Page 180–191

Comparative analysis between the theories of road transport safety and emission

Ádám Török
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Page 192–197

Research on ship autonomous steering control for short-sea shipping problems

Sergej Jakovlev, Arūnas Andziulis, Andrius Daranda, Miroslav Voznak, Tomas Eglynas
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Page 198–208

Applying optimal choices for real powertrain and lightweighting technology options to passenger vehicles under uncertainty

Erik Wilhelm, Johannes Hofer, Lynette Cheah
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Page 209–220

Pedestrian level of service criteria for urban off-street facilities in mid-sized cities

Rima Sahani, Prasanta K. Bhuyan
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Page 221–232

Optimization of signal-timing parameters for the intersection with hook turns

Yiming Bie, Shaowu Cheng, Zhiyuan Liu
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Page 233–241