Vol 26 No 1 (2011)

Published: 2011-03-31

Original Article

The use of LS-SVM for short-term passenger flow prediction

Qian Chen, Wenquan Li, Jinhuan Zhao
Abstract 290 | PDF Downloads 162 | DOI

Page 5-10

Page 11-19

Modelling the interaction of transport system elements

Henrikas Sivilevičius
Abstract 353 | PDF Downloads 596 | DOI

Page 20-34

Dynamic model of a vehicle moving in the urban area

Rolandas Makaras, Jonas Sapragonas, Artūras Keršys, Saugirdas Pukalskas
Abstract 255 | PDF Downloads 208 | DOI

Page 35-42

Evaluation of bypass influence on reducing air polution in Vilnius city

Rolandas Vitkūnas, Ieva Meidutė
Abstract 287 | PDF Downloads 309 | DOI

Page 43-49

Modifying mathematical models for calculating operational characteristics of diesel engines burning RME biofuels

Sergejus Lebedevas, Galina Lebedeva, Kristina Bereišienė
Abstract 239 | PDF Downloads 467 | DOI

Page 50-60

Designing universal drives for trenchless repair of pipelines

Vyacheslav Yemelin
Abstract 235 | PDF Downloads 139 | DOI

Page 69-74

The influence of the European Union member states on developing the haulage of hazardous cargo in Lithuania

Nijolė Batarlienė, Aldona Jarašūnienė, Aidas V. Vasiliauskas
Abstract 233 | PDF Downloads 134 | DOI

Page 79-87

The role of trip generation models in sustainable transportation planning in South-East Europe

Jadranka Jović, Vladimir Depolo
Abstract 263 | PDF Downloads 215 | DOI

Page 88-95

Statistical assessment of environmental noise generated by road traffic

Aleksandras Jagniatinskis, Boris Fiks, Marius Mickaitis
Abstract 253 | PDF Downloads 246 | DOI

Page 96-105

Exchanges of experience

The effect of biofuel addition to flight kerosene on a rubber gasket

Milan Olšovský, Marián Hocko
Abstract 274 | PDF Downloads 327 | DOI

Page 106-110

Integrating before and after crash features into measuring the effectiveness of intersection safety improvement project in Harbin

Yong-Gang Wang, Kuan-Min Chen, Yu-Long Pei, Ying Wang
Abstract 279 | PDF Downloads 197 | DOI

Page 111-120